70,000 North Korean Christians In Prison

Most people do not know that Pyongyang, the Capitol of North Korea was once known as the Jerusalem of the East.

It was the Great Pyongyang Revival of 1907 transformed the city touching the Kim family – the grandparents of the current head of the North Korean Regime.

Estimates of nearly one third of the population of North Korea are Christian.

Current nearly 70,000 North Koreans are in prison for their faith.

The Keikyo Institute prepared the White Paper presented to the recent Singapore Summit and is urgently raising support to put together the infrastructure to assist the Christians of North Korea.

First, is to identify those in North Korean prisons, second to see them freed and then to provide direct assistance to them.

The Keikyo Institute is currently planning an app to which information can be upended, data managed and support for those freed from prison can be assisted.

To put together the assistance program for the near 70,000 Christians in North Korean Prisons approximately $50,000 is needed to develop, disseminate and begin to assist.

Please consider giving to support our brothers and sisters as though you were in their place!

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