Albania Earthquake Relief Project

A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania on November 26, 2019, where 51 people died and 2000 were injured. Over 18,000 residential buildings have been damaged, approximately 2,000 have multiple stories. More than 20,000 families have been affected by these structural damages. The evaluation process is continuing and the number is increasing daily

Purpose: Helping the earthquake-affected families to restore their homes and lives.
Location: Rruga-Ura, Tirana, Albania.
Target amount: $50,000

Rruga Ura is one of the poorest areas in the suburbs of Tirana, one of three cities hit by the earthquake, and primarily populated by the Gypsy people. The construction of housing in the area is substandard, and as a result, there is considerable damage from the tremors. Approximately 350 families reported damage to their homes and 120 families are now homeless.
“Poor me, I just want to have my family together again and to have a safe home”. This is what Xhuli from Rruga Ura shared in church. Her children are currently living in another city because of the damage to their home. She and her husband are living in a small tent, despite the cold weather. The “Gypsy” people will be the last to benefit from government support due to discrimination and lack of ownership certificates of their properties.

CHE AL invites you to join our ministry to support these families in this time of crisis.

Through your participation you can directly help:
• Give 80 marginalized gypsy families have the chance to repair their homes.
• Provide 20 families with temporary support for rent as they do not benefit from government programs.
• Improve living conditions, allowing children to return to their homes and schools.
• Assist people to recover from mental and emotional shock, encouraging community involvement and helping neighbors.
• Bring back joy and hope to people who have lost everything, helping them see it as a new beginning.
• Touch affected families with God’s love and care through local church members who are diligently serving them.

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