Bridges Academy Re-envisioned

Bridges Academy has been the home of transformed lives for over 8 years, and this year it is being renovated and re-envisioned in order to continue the exciting transformational ministry there.

The next phase of Bridges Academy will be to provide leadership training, entrepreneurial development and job skills training. The nation of South Africa has over 50% unemployment in the urban townships, which has led to hopelessness, depression, gang violence and serious drug and alcohol addiction.

Bridges Academy will be utilized for two new programs aimed at helping people from Bridges programs and beyond to receive the training they need to either find employment or start their own businesses.

When the facility is not being used for these purposes, it will continue to serve as an extension of our Retreat Center, helping us attain complete in-country sustainability for all Bridges ministries by the end of 2017! This has been a dream of our staff and board for many years, which these funds will bring to fruition!

The buildings needed a major overhaul for these new endeavors, and we must raise $25,000 to complete this project and prepare the way for these exciting new ministries.

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