Build a School in India

City of God Villages member, Pastor Ravi Mohan Pahadiya maintains a Children’s Ministry near Jaipur, India. He has been gathering the children in a makeshift, open air classroom (against a building wall with a roof to shelter the children from the direct sunlight), teaching them to count and to read. With small donations he has been able to purchase writing materials for the children.

Pastor Ravi finds that the children are often hungry when they arrive and he learned that their parents send them to the city mall to beg for food. So, when possible, the Pastor purchases healthy food for the children which they eat before class begins. He also sees that the children often have no shoes, and so, when donations permit, he buys those children thong sandals.

A severe hail storm destroyed the classroom shelter. Donations from City of God Villages’ members enabled Pastor Ravi to rebuild the shelter with a strong metal roof, allowing him to return to teaching and ministering to the street children of Jaipur in the Children of Hope School. The pastor painted a black rectangle on the wall to serve as a blackboard.

Recently we were very sad to learn that an anti-Christian group tore down the makeshift school and threatened the pastor about returning to the street to teach the children. Pastor Ravi had to find a room near the slum children of Jaipur to feed, teach and minister to them.

After much searching for an affordable room, Pastor Ravi found a building he could rent for $200 US per month. A doctor who had visited the City of God Villages’ website and learned about Pastor Ravi’s ministry, traveled to Jaipur to teach at a local hospital and while there visited the pastor in his small church. When he learned about what the anti-Christian group did to the sidewalk school, he donated $1,200 to cover the first six months of rent.

Pastor Ravi needs to show that he has the funds to rent the building for a full year. We are asking you to donate $1,200, or some part of the sum, to enable the pastor to teach in an enclosed classroom and to prepare meals for the children.

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