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New Business As Missions (BAM) will invest $20,000 to gain $2 billion! $2 Billion is the estimated value of new funding that has just become available in India for Aid, Development, Social and Charity projects in India. India is only 3% Christian and most Indian Christian NGO’s, Churches and Ministries don’t even know this money is available. Further they are lacking the capabilities necessary to access these new funds. $20,000 will allow our BAM staff to train Christian Organizations in India on how to obtain these new funds for themselves! The new India CSR Act requires India corporation to give this money away every year. Your onetime investment will empower India Christian NGO’s, Churches, Ministries to become more self-sustainable once trained by our BAM staff.

Why India:
*India has the largest number of Unreached People Groups in the world (people who have never heard the name Jesus).
*India, the worlds largest Democracy is only 3% Christian.
*India still has Hindu Temple Prostitutes, Child Brides, Honor Killings and “Untouchables”. *Because of Marriage Dowery, baby girls are not valued resulting in Gendercide or the systematic killing of the girl child at birth, one village in India is known as the “Village of no women”.

ABC 20/20 documentary: Dowery & Gendercide:
Rat Catchers – Untouchables
India’s Rape Epidemic
Most Dangerous Country in the World to be a Girl
To Young To Wed

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