Christians Devastated in Beirut Bombing!

Christians Devastated in Beirut Bombing!

A massive explosion hit Beirut Port area apparently due to 2,750 tons of Ammonuum Nitrate Fertilzie that had been stored for years being set adored the central part of Beirut, killing at least 158, injuring 6,000 and causing up to 15 billion dollars of damage and leaving nearly 300,000 homeless.

Particularly hard hit is East Beirut, the predominately Christian area of the city with nearly 30 churches in the area – Lebanon is nearly half Christian and until the civil war beginning in 1975 was seen as the “Christian” country in the middle east, proving protection for Christian was already in crisis.

The massive explosion has deceased an already seriously destroyed economy which was compounded but he Chinese virus.

Even before the explosion, up to one million of Lebanon’s 5 million people were malnourished, and nearly half of those Children.

Beirut is also home to many Assyrian Christian refugees from Iraq and nearby countries, many waiting for emigration overseas as well as an indigenous population of nearly 26,000 and the shocking damage to St George , Assyrian Church, under Bishop George Saliba.

The World Helpline was immediately contacted by our network within Beirut and through our partners are providing assistance on site with the greatest need for canned and instant food, powdered milk, bottled water, small cooking stoves, small tents and sleeping bags, used IPhones for communication and any postage stamps which can be used to help as well.

Please help us meet the urgent needs of this historic disaster.

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