Japan Tsunami Relief Continues

Three Years after Japanese Triple Disaster Tsunami/Earthquake/Nuclear Disaster – The Japan Emergency Team Continues to Work”

Hours after the March 11 2011 Japanese triple disaster The Japan Emergency Team arrived on site in its 87th Disaster Operation since it was formed in 1989 by 38 students from Chuo University who traveled to San Francisco with supplies to assist with the Loma Prieta Earthquake.

The team, sent off by former President Ronald Reagan, was the first overseas assistance team from Japan.

Since that time, the team has been to nearly every disaster both within and outside Japan.

The team operates Japan’s only Disaster Relief Vehicle – a 30 foot converted Motorhome which provides emergency food from its onboard kitchen, showers, emergency medical help and a onboard convenience store.

After over three years on site, the Disaster Relief Vehicle urgently needs repairs and is currently in a repair facility.

Having operated in severe conditions following the disaster the Disaster Relief Vehicle needs urgent repairs so it can be returned back to the disaster site.

The Japan Emergency Team is urgently raising the support to complete the repairs so the DRV can be returned on site to continue to assist with the disaster operations where over 200,000 people continue to live in temporary housing, unable to return home.

The total of repairs including used parts is $9,784.50

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