Joshua Generation Reaches Kenyan Unreached

Joshua Generation Ministries is doing missionary work among two Kenyan communities: Turkana and Pokot in the remote North Western part of Kenya since 2007. We have been involved in reaching the unreached people with the gospel as well as promoting peace and reconciliation between the two communities to end conflict and bloodshed that has gone on for decades.

We have preached the gospel to thousands of people in Turkana and Pokot, helped establish several churches in remote places, we have led hundreds of children to Christ in our mission to schools in Turkana and Pokot and through our peace efforts, we have seen peace return to the border of these two communities so that people are now able to live together in harmony from last year 2015.

In March 2015 we held our first peace conference in Eldoret and pastors from both Turkana and Pokot were able to meet together and pray for the peace and healing of their land. The results were tremendous and almost immediate. Relative peace returned to the border of Turkana and Pokot since last year in a way that has never been experienced before. We are planning for the second peace conference for March 2016 and need to raise $ 2,053.

Secondly, last year we also made a mission trip to train pastors in a remote place called Nakurio, 85Kms from Lodwar. This is home to witchcraft in Turkana that has adversely affected the church. We also blessed the pastors with Turkana Bibles and after the meeting they requested us to come back again and hold a conference for more than sixty pastors this year. That is why we have scheduled another mission to Nakurio for early March 2016 costing $ 500.

Finally, we have a church planting mission in April 2016 in a remote place called Lolemgete, about 20 Kms from Lodwar. There is completely no church in this area. Though this village church is going to begin under a tree, we believe it would be instrumental in reaching more interior areas beyond Lolemgete which too have need of the gospel. This mission requires $ 390.

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