Josiah Wiig YWAM DTS

My name is Josiah Wiig.  I am almost finished with my schooling and after that I am planning to take a gap year before starting my university studies.  During this year, for the first six months, I would love to attend a Disciple Training School (DTS), in Australia, with Youth with a Mission (YWAM).

The DTS I am hoping to do is a sport DTS.  I have loved playing sport all my life and I have also loved learning more about Jesus and explaining to others what He means to me.  So, I think that this DTS is a perfect opportunity for me to spread the Gospel in different parts of the world through doing what I love, which is sport.

This DTS is about five-and-a-half months long.  It consists of classroom type intense teaching for the first 2-3 months.  This is where you mostly learn, in depth, about God and his amazingness! 

The next phase of the DTS is where the group goes to a different country to spread the Gospel to people around the world.  They do this through sport, by using the talents they have to serve other people and make Christ known to them!

The full-five-and-a-half month course (including flights) costs around $8000.  I would really love to do this DTS and I would appreciate all the prayers and help I can get in raising the finances.

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