MLC Indonesia Retreat

Imagine you lived in a place where you couldn’t sing praise to God aloud because that would endanger you & your family… a place where a somber, religious “call to prayer” rang through the streets 5 times a day… where your children attended a school that taught a religious system contrary to the Word of God…where you sometimes had to trust God for even the next meal…where opportunity for fellowship and spiritual feeding was sparse…where your neighbors may be watching you, suspiciously… Imagine that, in this place, you felt compelled by the love of Jesus to be a light for Him! Imagine! Imagine the difficulty, the danger, the loneliness, the discouragement.

Now imagine that, in the middle of this difficult life, you had an opportunity to take your family for 4 days to a safe place where you could sing praise, weep, laugh & pray as loudly as your heart desired…that you had an opportunity to attend a spiritual retreat, with other believers whose lives were very similar to yours, where you would be fed the Word of God…that 4 brothers & sisters from ½-way around the world would come to encourage you, to weep & laugh & pray with you…that you would be refreshed and renewed, reminded that you’re not alone! Imagine! Imagine the joy!

Can you imagine? Will you help us? Please pray for our so faithful, yet weary, Indonesian brothers and sisters. Please give so that we can go, May 31- June 9, 2016 and provide this spiritual retreat, this encouragement, this support, this love.

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