Swaziland Sustainability (CHE Business)

Help create sustainability in the Swaziland Community Health Evangelism ministry through small business that will simultaneously benefit the ministry and help sustain it through creating ongoing in-country streams of income.

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a strategy which empowers people holistically (spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially). As people are personally transformed, they naturally bring transformation to their families and then their families making a lasting impact on the broader community. CHE’s are equipped and then empowered to minister in homes throughout the community, sharing what they have learned.

Specifically we are working to create sustainability through a business center that will also host a sewing business and a catering business. The CHE’s applied for a small plot of land with the Siteki Town Board and they have granted our request to build a shack where we can cook and sell food at the main bus station, which is a very busy spot in our town.

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