The World’s Only Asian Christian History Museum Needs Your Help!

The world’s only Asian Christian History Museum –The Eastern Cross Museum is in urgent need of funds to purchase important artifacts and documents. A private collection of items needed for the Museum have come up for sale and need to be acquired soon.

These important artifacts could be bought by secular universities or institutions and permanently misrepresented or hidden from the public viewing forever if the Eastern Cross Museum is not able to acquire them.

The museum is asking for help to purchase these key Christian History items. Mirrors from ancient tombs of Christians in ancient Asia, out of print books, research documents from renowned archaeologists and historians, and other rare items are part of this unique collection.

The Christian History Museum has been given first rights to obtain the items so timing is critical.

These priceless artifacts will compliment other collections now a part of The Eastern Cross Museum and illustrate the clear history of the Church in Asia.

In addition the Eastern Cross Museum is obtaining it’s own faculties in Tokyo, Japan and working to complete acquisition by the 2020 Olympics when believer from throughout the world will be combining to Tokyo, Japan.

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