Tigray Genocide Memorial Park (Brick By Brick Tigray)

BBBT- Brick By Brick Tigray is raising funds to build the Tigray Genocide Memorial Park. The name of every Tigrayan who lost their life during the genocide will be be inscribed on a brick in the memorial plaza. We want to create a refuge for those grieving losses, a place of peace for those who need to remember this difficult season and a place of celebration as we dedicate ourselves to the rebuilding and transformation of Tigray.

We hope to build a hotel, park and visitor center that will become a destination for tens of thousands of global citizens. The site will become self-sustaining the first year after it is launched and profitable in future years providing funds to assist with the healing of those who were victims of the war through rape; families who lost their loved ones who served as soldiers and those whose businesses were destroyed.

We need to remember what has happened and we want the Tigray Genocide Memorial Park to be a reminder to the world for generations to come that this must never happen to another people group ever again!

A donation of $20 will purchase a brick that will have the name of someone who lost their life as a result of the genocide. It is our goal to raise $20 million to develop and launch the Tigray Genocide Memorial Park.

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$40 raised of $20,000,000

Spread the word and help them reach their goal of $20,000,000

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