Young Life’s Ministry to Kids in the Ebola Crisis

Young Life has been doubling in size every two years in Africa and the growth of Young Life in Liberia and Sierra Leone has been even more dramatic…until the Ebola outbreak. With Ebola, Young Life is unable to meet in clubs or camps to develop relationships with kids, introduce them to Jesus and help them grow in their faith. So leaders have been reaching kids, and in some cases parents and other family members, by phone. They listen, pray, read scripture and walk through this crisis together. Leaders who have been diagnosed with Ebola have ministered to desperate people inside Ebola Clinics and leaders have also helped with distribution of urgently needed medical and other supplies in communities where they live.

You can help by joining our 91/91 prayer initiative and through your donation to offset costs and help Young Life grow in West Africa.


Psalm 91 has come up again and again in conversations with Young Life teams in Liberia and Sierra Leone as a source of strength and hope during the Ebola crisis. It seems appropriate and powerful for us to join them in in praying Psalm 91. We began on October 27th, and the Young Life Africa community will be praying Psalm 91 together for the 91 days for West Africa. Please join us! Here are some details about this prayer initiative:

• We began on October 27th and will end 91 days later on Sunday, January 26th.

• Please get everyone possible to join us in this prayer: your church, small group, Bible study, your YL area, region or division, Campaigner group and leadership group – anyone and everyone. Let’s get thousands of people praying this Psalm together.

• Pray for an end to this disease. Pray for our Young Life Leaders and kids in West Africa. Pray for their protection, for their courage as they bring light in darkness, for mobilization of resources, and that God will be glorified in this.

• Consider memorizing all or portions of the Psalm so you can pray throughout the day as you see articles or reports or hear stories.

• Maybe arrange some times of prayer, worship, and fasting for West Africa within this 91-day window.


Give to this Buck4Good Project and Share this With Your Friends.

Help Young Life offset the costs of ministering through Ebola and growing Young Life in West Africa as we emerge from the crisis.

Updates from our Young Life family in Sierra Leone and Liberia and a story of one of our leaders who lived through an Ebola infection can be found in the blog.

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